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Summer time!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on 05/18/2012 by ancblogger

Woohoo!  It’s summer at last.  Now the Tech crew can get some good old vacation time!  What?  Techs are 12 month employees?  We don’t get summer vacation?  Bummer.  But that goes a long way toward explaining the last week and a half.  In all seriousness, summer is when the tech department gets busy.  I’m not talking “doing a little more” busy.  I’m talking “Classes are out, faculty is gone, nothing’s in our way so let’s get going and work up a sweat” busy.

Our summer projects started with needing to move Computer Lab B to Classroom A, Computer Lab C to Computer Lab B, tear down the wall between Classroom D and Computer Lab C, making one huge Computer Lab which we’ll call Computer Lab Math.  We also needed to move the projection and speaker system from Computer Lab C into Computer Lab B along with moving furniture and trying to get the current mess out of the way in order have room to move all the PCs around.  Oh, and they need to be wired.  And the plans kept changing.  Confused yet?  If so, you know how we spent a few busy days.

So, after three busy days, we had the projection/sound system moved, the new furniture and PCs arranged in Classroom A (now Lab A), the PCs and furniture moved from Lab C to Lab B, and Lab C was ready to have the wall taken down.   We even offered to help the Operations department take the wall down.  We had a pretty good plan:  put all the techs in one room, put a bunch of pizza in the other room, BAM no more wall.   And we get free pizza!  But, they wanted to bring in professionals.  Apparently they wanted smooth edges on the project as well as all the pipes and conduits removed.  Some people are just such perfectionists.  I think a bunch of “Loony Tune” tech shaped holes in the wall would have looked great.

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