Gimme Those Four Digits!

We got four digits!  No, I’m not referring to the new girl’s extension, the combined weight of the ANC Tech Crew, or the number of times ANC Math teachers have had students run out of the classroom in tears.  I’m talking about Likes on Facebook and we just broke one thousand.  That’s 1000.  I’m talking 1×103.  Check it out.  ANC has started a virtual onslaught of social media tools and we didn’t stop with the webpage.  In addition to Facebook, we can also be found on Twitter.   Follow us at!/arknortheastern

Ashley Beckett liked our Facebook page and it paid off big time.  She was our one thousandth Like and she won a prize.  I think it was something absolutely fabulous like diamonds and jewels…or maybe a T-shirt.  Awarding prizes is another department so I’m not exactly sure.  But, probably a T-shirt.  However, there will be more prizes in the future.  I’ve heard talk about ONE BILLION DOLLARS!  Hold on, I’d better go verify that.    Okay, I’m back and apparently I just made up the one billion dollar thing.  Bummer, I was getting excited.  But, since ANCTech supports all ANC departments, I’d like to try to help the Social Media department with some excellent prize suggestions.  To wit, I think the 2000th like should win a date with the Facebook Administrator or Administratrix.  Of course, in the interest of fair warning, they’re both married…and pretty straight laced…and their spouses probably wouldn’t go for it…so, it would probably be pretty boring…and they’ll probably vivisect me for suggesting it….Hmm, maybe a T-shirt isn’t that bad of an idea after all.  Hey, I had a brainstorm!  I’m officially changing my suggestion to a gift certificate to the Outback.  Go Like us!  EOL.

Happy Computing,

4 Responses to “Gimme Those Four Digits!”

  1. Excellent job you guys! Now just refer those awesome fans to me and come like The Solutions Group page! :-)

  2. Ratasha Says:

    I heard the outback is officially shut down for the Summer, so what are we going to do now? Hmmmmmm……..

  3. Cindy Burton Says:

    I look forward to new posts to the ANC Tech blog. Wish you were in charge of prizes, too!

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