Google is now a verb

Yes, we’ve all ‘googled’ stuff.  Some of us quite regularly and couldn’t function without it in our daily grind.  In case you just got back from a trip through space and time, ‘googling’ is searching the internet through the use of, but I think everyone knows that by now.

Why is it relevant to this blog?  Because the rant/tip/gripe/advice of the day (or week/month/semester…it’s been a while) is on search bars.  Not the online search engines like Google, Yahoo, et. al., but the downloadable, cute, little add-ons that clutter up your browser, your computer, and likely your soul.  (Note: no verification on the soul part, but who can resist good hyperbole, right?)

Two examples are AskSBar and My Web Search.  Why are they horrible?  Because they install unnecessary programs on your computer. (That’s horrible enough from a tech perspective.)  There’s no need to have three or four bars added onto your web browser.  It slows down the browser, opens a channel for malware infections, shrinks your available screen space, and doesn’t really accomplish anything.  Seriously, if you feel the need for these or a similar program, you’re just not trying.  Use Google, or Yahoo, or Dogpile.  Do you have to save the three seconds required to open another browser page?  No.  Do you need all the cutesy icons to launch your email?  No.  They’re useless eye candy that slows down your system, may or may not lead to malware/virus infections, and add no functionality.  If you think they do, you just need to learn better ways to do thing.  Really.  We’ll help, just ask. 

In short, if you want these things on your home system, great.  It’s a free country and you can do whatever you want.  (However, I’d recommend being buddies with a tech who can come clean off all the corruptions somewhere down the road.)  If you install them on your work PC, we’ll find you.  We techs see eeeeeverything.

Happy computing.

One Response to “Google is now a verb”

  1. Steve Says:

    Couldn’t agree more, though my employer’s solution is slightly more draconian than the warnings you provide: every faculty/staff/classroom/lab/library PC on campus is locked down tighter than a duck’s backside. God forbid I install a lightweight FOSS or freeware app that uses less of the whopping 1 Gig of RAM installed on the desktop machine in my office. Yes, I’m talking about you, McAfee, you bloated piece of crap, using up to half my RAM just so you can suck at virus protection!

    Back to the point of your original post ANCTech, people need to pay more attention when they’re installing free software, as many of these toolbars are packaged as part of the default installation. Users must deselect the toolbar and/or search engine/home page hijack during the installation process, or they’re stuck with it. And most of those things don’t want to go quietly, even using Revo.

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