Back to the old grind.

The end of summer quickly approaches, and I thought an update on ANC Tech projects might be in order.  While faculty and students have been going to the beach, amusement parks, and touring blues clubs, your friendly neighborhood techs have been hard at it all summer. 

The most noticeable upgrade took place in the Burdette Nursing lab.  We completely re-wired the lab, reconfigured it, and replaced the old PCs with shiny new ones.  It is much more functional now.  Random failures to boot should be a thing of the past.

We also upgraded the Learning Assistance Center with new computers, so everything over there should be quicker and cleaner.

Several other projects are still in progress.  We are currently setting up Adult Education in the ‘G’ building.  They are getting an upgraded computer lab among other things.  We are awaiting the arrival of the equipment to set up wireless hotspots around campus.  Yes, you read correctly.  Sometime in the next few weeks, Wi-Fi will be available in the Outback, the library, and the former Kid’s Kollege with some spillover to other areas.  As always, some faculty and staff will be getting replacement PCs.  Those should start arriving in your offices during the first few weeks of classes.

Now the news that will affect everyone.  The new email system will be online by the time we reconvene.  Every employee will have an email address  This is a web accessible client, so you can check your ANC email anywhere.  That’s right, we’ve made it easier for you to work all weekend!  Be sure to thank Ruby and Carol. 

End of line.

2 Responses to “Back to the old grind.”

  1. Come on, ANC Tech! You know you like it when the faculty and students clear out and leave you alone to get the real work done. None of those pesky interruptions from techno-lightweights who don’t know their BIOS from their backsides.

    Less of that sustained time available for the IT staff at Proprietary U these days (all learning, all the time!), so we wind up with a variety of “surprises” from week to week.

    Sounds like you’ve had your hands full improving the tech infrastructure.

  2. Ratasha W. Says:

    I think the new google smail/email feature is really wonderful. I tried to clean out my regular yahoo email address of its 7,000 unread emails and 2,000 junk emails to get ready for school. But with the new email address given to us, I got a chance to start over fresh and not have so much clutter in my inbox. I was able to organize my emails by my course titles, and I really think it is a learning tool, and a pre-requisite to the work force especially with all the advances in technology. I am enjoying the new email address. Thank you ANC, Ruby, and Carol. Kudos!!

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